Welcome to memory mates. We sell USB flash drives.

USB flash drives

novelty flash drives

Bored of the same old USB flash drives? Us too! So we put together this fun and unique selection of novelty flash drives - hopefully there is something for everyone. Perfect as fun, yet practical, gifts!

cool britannia!

We are always looking for new and attractive designs of USB flash drives here at memory mates. Sometimes we even come up with our own, like this new Union Jack pebble, exclusive to us!!

power banks

Do you find the short battery life of mobile phones these days extremely frustrating? Problem solved! Carry one of our power banks with you and charge your Samsung or iPhone on the go.

dj shot down!

Our revolver USB flash drives are so realistic that DJ Adam Cobbsky, a regular and valued customer, had his pair confiscated by Heathrow customs whilst travelling to a gig!

branded flash drives

Want something to impress your clients with? Look no further than these attention grabbers. Our quality guarantee ensures you will be handing out flash drives that are a cut above the usual promotional offerings.

music monster speakers

Once upon a time we used to only sell flash drives. Then we started to fall in love with the other amazing gadgets we stumble across, like these music monsters. Perfect for playing music from your mobile, MP3 player, laptop or iPad!

pebble flash drives

OK, so sometimes you need to be a bit understated! Maybe you don't want to be pulling out a hand grenade flash drive at that big meeting! That is where our range of classic, stylish, memory mates come into play!

Launchpad Reading Charity

  Here at Memory Mates we like a success story as much as the next person, so we’re always glad to get positive feedback that our little flash drives are doing well. We’re particularly chuffed ...